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10557 Metric Dr. Dallas, TX 75243

Io Audio Technologies’ B Series Connectors

A Welcome Addition to the Chassis Connector Family

Io Audio Technologies is excited to expand their line of XLR chassis connectors with the introduction of the B Series.  

The B Series chassis connectors offer a marked improvement in aesthetics and improved grounding and EMI resistance over the similar E Series chassis connectors. While these connectors are made using the same flame resistant nylon material as the E Series, they also feature a nickel-plated metal faceplate that improves EMI resistance. The metal faceplate attenuates the magnetic and electric waves traveling near the connection point that induce hum and noise before they affect the signal. It also provides an improved aesthetic which lends itself to greater design integrations.

These connectors have a simple and robust latch lock that guarantees a solid connection. Their precision machined, one-piece gold-plated contacts give the connectors a longer lifespan by improving the corrosion resistance and ensure decades of uninterrupted use. The ultra-low capacitance between contacts leaves the user with pristine signal quality.

In the interest of maintaining interoperability with industry equipment and footprints, these connectors are designed to fit in a standard E size cutout in a rear mounted fashion where the termination method is to a printed circuit board.

The connectors are capable of carrying up to 6 amps and withstanding 50 volts making them ideal for balanced audio, low voltage signal transmission, or industrial control signals. Applications range from balanced patch panels and I/O connections on any mixing console, to DI boxes and smaller format balanced audio equipment. They can also be used for control of lighting fixtures, or as DC power inputs and outputs.

Jay Crutti, Io Audio Technologies’ engineering manager, commented on the introduction of the new B Series. “These connectors offer the same great quality of our E Series chassis connectors, with the bonus of a metal faceplate for enhanced EMI protection and cosmetic appearance. The enhanced durability and aesthetics of the B series will be right at home in any professional audio or electronics product.” 

The B Series is available in 3 or 5 pin variations and vertical or horizontal PCB mounting options. Learn more at

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