Io Audio Technologies manufactures a broad line of wire, cable, and interconnect products that meet the needs of customers around the globe. 

With over 40 years of interconnect and cable assembly experience, Io delivers the highest quality cables, connectors, and accessories for a wide range of industries and applications. No matter your need, our outstanding, worldwide support network of industry experts will help determine the best product for your application or aid in the creation of custom-made designs. As a TUV certified ISO 9001:2015 manufacturer headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Io Audio Technologies is committed to manufacturing excellence and best-in-class service.

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Solid Cat 6 F/UTP LSZH Cable

This twisted pair data cable with 4 pairs of solid 23 AWG conductors allows for longer maximum cable runs and increased signal integrity. The twisted pairs are separated by a 4-way separator to maintain proper spacing and reduce crosstalk between the twisted pairs.

This cable also features a heavy duty aluminum foil shield which protects against interference and crosstalk between cables as well as a dedicated tinned copper drain wire for proper shield termination