About Knight EDU

Since 1981, we’ve recognized the need for establishing a secure, global source of supply for quality engineered, and competitively priced products to support the education, vocational, and trade markets. Developing quality products, hardware, and accessories for the learning professional is what we pride ourselves on. 

As a direct manufacturer, we are uniquely positioned to deliver the right combination of products to educational campuses worldwide. From product development, procurement, manufacturing, and logistics and distribution, we are committed to providing the latest models of electrical/electronic equipment, kits, tools, parts and accessories, and more.

Why We're Unique


We provide just in time delivery so you don’t have to hold on to excess stock. You’ll receive your kits when you’re ready for them.


We are a one supplier solution so you don’t have to  deal with multiple vendors to get the tools you need.


We help you manage your inventory so you don’t have to hold on to excess stock when you’re not ready for it or don’t have the space for it.

Custom Kits for Your Institution

We work closely with educational institutions to help develop custom kits that pair perfectly with each specific educational program. We can help develop custom school-branded e-stores for students to quickly purchase the custom kits from.

We create standardized kits for all educational institution’s locations that are customized to each school’s specifications.

We will help your cash flow by being your one supplier solution. By consolidating your vendors, you will spend less time vetting your vendors and less money on excess logistics costs. We offer JIT (just in time) delivery which allows you to schedule your deliveries for when you need them rather than receive all your kits at once. This eliminates your need to store excess inventory. 

What’s even better?

Our customer service doesn’t stop after the sale. Students and faculty will continue to receive assistance as needed from our team of engineers and techs. All kits will also maintain a one year warranty or for the duration that your student is enrolled in your program. 


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