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10557 Metric Dr. Dallas, TX 75243

Io Audio Technologies’ Powerlatch™ Cables

New Sizes Available for Professional AC Power Cables

Io Audio Technologies is introducing new standard sizes of their Powerlatch™ series of rugged AC power cables.

They are adding a 6- and 25-foot option that will join their current sizes of 3 and 10 feet for the Powerlatch™ to Powerlatch™ cables. The Powerlatch™ to Edison cables will have a 3-foot option that will join their standard sizes of 10 and 25 feet.

Designed for use in indoor and outdoor environments, the Powerlatch™ AC power cables utilize a weatherproof jacket to ensure proper performance and safety in most applications. They are fitted with rugged locking connectors that provide the safest connection for high current applications by virtually eliminating the possibility of accidental unplugging. The connectors are also specifically keyed, and color coded for input (blue) and output (grey) to eliminate the possibility of intermating.

The Powerlatch™ series of AC power connectors are designed for single-phase AC applications and are rated for 20A at 250VAC which makes them perfect for stage productions, lighting systems, and other high current applications.

“We love using our Powerlatch™ cables in place of standard IEC type connectors because it provides a safe connection and you’ll never have to worry about someone accidentally unplugging the power to the entire PA system because they tripped on a cable.” – Randy Rivero, VP of Technology.

For more information about the Powerlatch™ series of AC power cables and to find an authorized distributor, please visit

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