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10557 Metric Dr. Dallas, TX 75243

Io Audio Technologies’ Install-Grade Ethernet Cable

Bulk Stranded Cat Cables Get An Upgrade

Io Audio Technologies has improved upon their line of install grade Category 5E and Category 6 bulk stranded wire. Among the most notable changes is a new, black, non reflective jacket which gives the cable a sleek appearance, making it perfect for onstage installations of AVoIP gear where cables should blend into the background.

These cables are also CMR rated and meet the IEC flammability standards, so they are equally at home in commercial or residential installation projects where safety and performance are both priorities.

Another notable improvement is a robust, premium foil shield which offers best-in-class protection from interference and crosstalk between cables. Lastly, a polyolefin jacket makes conduit runs smoother, and ensures that less stress is being transferred to the conductors.

“We aimed high with our new stranded category cables. We made them more user friendly and made several improvements that AV and IT integrators will love, including heavy duty pull boxes that allow the cable to be dispensed right from the box without buckling or warping the cardboard. Additionally, we added distance markers every 2 feet in order to ensure integrators can keep tabs on how much product they’ve run and also how much product they have left on their reels for other jobs.” – Randy Rivero, VP of Technology.

For more information about the stranded bulk Category 5E and Category 6 cables and to find an authorized distributor, please visit

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