Are you struggling to solve issues of cost competitiveness, inventory, quality, or product performance? Knight Electronics will help you lower cost, maintain competitiveness and increase profits without sacrificing quality or product performance.

Partner with Knight Electronics and you will avoid these problems:
  • large capital outlays for large minimum order quantities and shipments
  • quality issues, communication problems and risks
  • logistics problems with shipping, customs, payments and defective products
Knight Electronics will help you stay competitive with:
  • in-house design and engineering capabilities
  • comprehensive tooling capabilities
  • worldwide JIT delivery programs, freight prepaid
  • maintained quality standards using our own offshore on-site inspection engineers
  • reduced manufacturing product costs through aggressive pricing and Knight engineering services
  • protection from currency risks

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I want to take advantage of alternative sourcing, but I don't know
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I would like to evaluate the cost benefits of re-tooling
I would like to be able to reduce lead times and inventory value
I would like to cost reduce a purchased part/assembly
I would like to cost reduce a part/assembly we manufacture in house
I would like to re-engineer and cost reduce a part/assembly

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Multi-layer, double sided PCB capabilities

Populated, fully integrated PCB programs

AC/DC fan try assemblies up to 2000 CFM

Power Suppplies and other turn key assemblies

Contact Knight Electronics:

Knight Electronics
10557 Metric Drive
Dallas, TX 75243

Ph: 800-323-2439
Ph: 214-340-0265
Fx: 214-340-5870

Asian Manufacturing
and Engineering Facilities
Guangdong, China
Taipei, Taiwan

European Warehousing
and Representation
Eastlands Ln, Paddock Wood
Kent, TN12 6BU, UK

Ph: 01892 836836
Fx: 01892 837837